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Over the years we’ve received a LOT of questions from our fans about our clinic, our products, our services and our founder, Enilsa. Thankfully, a lot of the questions you asked tend to be similar so we put together a short FAQ that should provide comprehensible answers to your most pressing inquiries.

Questions about our products

Is Enilsa Advanced Acne System safe to use for anti-aging, even if I don’t have acne?

Yes! The great thing about our product line is that it uses glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is a natural exfoliator that helps to stimulate new cell growth, promoting healthy cells coming up to the surface, targeting fine lines and wrinkles by smoothing them out. The overall effect is softer, smoother and younger looking skin.

Is Enilsa Advanced Acne System safe to use for pregnant women?

Yes, our product is safe for pregnant women! Glycolic acid is made out of sugar and it will not harm you or your child. Please use sunscreen – when you are pregnant your hormones increase chances of getting melasma.

Is Enilsa Advanced Acne System cruelty-free?

We do not test on animals. We love animals! We’ve always tested exclusively on willing humans.

Are you shipping your products to other countries outside the United States?

Unfortunately we do not ship our products outside of the United states. We are currently looking into acquiring licenses and permits to export our products to other countries.

Does Enilsa Advanced Acne System work for milias?

The definition of “milias” is small seed in Greek. The only way to remove milias is by having them professionally extracted. Once you have them professionally removed, our product line can help keep your skin exfoliated so that no build-up of sebaceous oil can calcify or solidify, reducing the probability of milias coming back.

Is Enilsa Advanced Acne System safe for kids?

Yes, our product is safe for preteens and teenagers. Always follow the directives and packaging, and do not overuse.

Is Enilsa Advanced Acne System good for large pores and/or oily skin?

Yes, our products are designed to exfoliate. Exfoliation smoothes away the buildup of dead skin cells and the debris on the pores, leaving the skin looking softer, smoother and making the pores less visible.

What is the difference between EltaMD products and Enilsa Advanced Acne System?

Enilsa Advanced Acne System is used strictly to exfoliate the skin, allowing the penetration of any other products that you would use on your skin to give you optimal results. Our product is an adjunct to EltaMD, an every day skincare product. Enilsa Advanced Acne System is a catalyst towards achieving either anti-aging and/or acne management. In other words, they work really well together!

Where can I purchase your products?

You can learn more about our product line and order our Enilsa Advanced Acne System on our website here. We currently ship everywhere in the United States.

Does using a glycolic facial cleanser help loosen the clogged pores before extraction? How does it work?

Yes, using a glycolic facial cleanser is great to exfoliate the skin and to loosen clogged pores, enabling an easier release of the content in the pore, leaving the pores easier to manage and clean.

Questions about skincare

What should I do if I have a pimple, rosacea, a dark spot or another skin issue?

In order to be able to answer this question, we would need to take a look at your skin! Come to the clinic or book a virtual consultation so one of our Skin Care Practitioners can help you address the issues at hand, and create a custom skin care program. You can see our virtual consultation page here.

How much do your services cost?

Please email us at to inquire about our clinic services’ pricing. If you know which service you would like, we also invite you to mention it in your email.

How does diet contribute to pores clogging and/or acne?

Studies demonstrate that diet plays a significant role in acne development. While there is no single specific reason for it, it is a contributing factor. Diet can affect hormone levels, sugar levels and inflammation in different ways for different people. Foods that can cause acne include: grains and sugars, dairy products, fat foods, foods rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats, chocolate and caffeine, whey protein, and foods that you may be sensitive to. If you think your diet may be a contributor to your acne breakouts, get in touch with your skincare practitioner for a thorough consultation.

Can you remove pimples with a peel mask?

Unfortunately, no. A peel mask may remove dead skin cells at the surface of the skin but it will not remove plugs. See your skincare practitioner to do an initial deep cleaning treatment on your skin. You can then use a peel mask as maintenance.

What sunscreen would you recommend for acne prone skin?

We use and highly recommend EltaMD products, specifically their clear sunscreen products designed for acne-prone skin. You can find them in our store here.

What sunscreen would you recommend for very sensitive skin?

We use and highly recommend EltaMD products, specifically their chemical-free sunscreen such as UV Physical Broad Spectrum SPF 41 (oil free), and UV Elements Broad Spectrum SPF 44 (hydrating). You can find them in our store here.

In your Youtube videos, why do some pores bleed after extraction and some don’t?

Bleeding depends on the type of acne. Most of the pimples that bleed are the ones that are deep, more cystic acne. Fatty acids from the bacteria ruptures the blood vessels at the surface of the skin and that is why blood comes forth. Blackheads do not have the same type of bacteria because it’s oxidized.

General questions

I found a stolen video, where can I report it?

Please send us an email at with the URL of the stolen videos.

What kind of school or studies do you need to attend or do to become an aesthetician like Enilsa

You can go to an aesthetics school and it will take between 6 to 12 months to obtain your license. You can then pursue specific training in order to become a clinical skincare practitioner.

Do you have more questions that are unanswered? Send us an email!

Published on: October 23, 2020

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