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Hello everyone!


We would like to share with you all a short update about Enilsa’s 3 Step Advanced Acne System which we are about to launch very soon.

When we first announced preorders for Enilsa’s Advanced Acne System back in late January, we originally thought it would take several months before we would get enough support to go into production, planning to begin the manufacturing process when we’d reach 500 orders. Our whole team was taken by surprise when we started receiving preorders right away! A few weeks in, we decided to begin production early. We sold out of our first promotional batch April 4th. Our goal was to begin shipping this order in Spring 2020, ideally by the end of April.

It’s been a wonderful and challenging journey, and we’ve learned a lot. Our original launch date was set to be this week, however the COVID-19 crisis we all face created unexpected supply delays affecting the production of our formula. As we previously shared in a newsletter a couple of weeks ago, the lab that produces our skin care formula had to stop production of skin care products in April in order to focus on manufacturing hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for hospitals, home care and hospices, to help combat the spread of this virus and meet the federal and local demand for these live-saving items. Lawmakers and State Governors were hopeful that by having labs temporarily focus on producing sanitizing products, the spread of the coronavirus would be curbed and states would be allowed to lift restrictive orders when deemed safe. It seems these efforts have paid off, at least in part!

The good news we’d like to share with you today is that this month, our chemist resumed their normal work and is almost done manufacturing our 3-Step Advanced Acne System! We have lifted them in our prayers and carried them in our hearts. We are now waiting for the bottles to be shipped to our distribution center, and we aim to start shipping out your order within 3 to 4 weeks from today, in late May or first week of June.

Our next shipment after the limited promotional run is much larger and is already in production. We are still on schedule to receive this second shipment at the end of July if all goes well.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to our brand. Thank you for being part of this process as we are launching a product we know can change the lives of our customers for the better. We are so grateful and excited to be part of your journey to healthy, clear skin!


Love & kisses,

Enilsa & her team

P.S. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We’re here for you!

Published on: May 2, 2020


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