About us

Enilsa Skin Essentials is an Acne & Anti-Aging Clinic located in Killeen, TX. We believe in providing all our customers with a higher level of care. We understand the importance of skincare, and that having great skin is a key to your confidence and sense of well-being.

About Enilsa Brown, Founder

Enilsa Brown is the dynamic owner and Clinical Skincare Practitioner at Enilsa Skin Essentials/Acne Clinic. Well known to her peers and colleagues as a mentor and a friend, she has earned the reputation as an industry leader with more than 37 years of experience.

Enilsa received her Cosmetology license in 1983, with her specialization in Aesthetics, her passion for this industry lead her to work with some of the top global skin care lines: Lancôme, Clinique and Aveda. After 14 years of working as an account coordinator, trainer, and makeup artist, Enilsa hungered and desired for more education within the Aesthetic field.

In 2006, Enilsa Brown worked to create a skincare line that would complement what other product lines were missing, which was an exfoliating line that would help with cell turnover and managing acne and aging. Enilsa's skin care line was formulated and introduced into the market.

Enilsa Brown
Enilsa Skin Clinic Facade

In August 2015, Enilsa Skin Essentials/Acne Clinic opened its doors for the first time, providing an answer to those who have acne problems by improving and resolving their skin concerns and self-esteem.

Her enthusiasm for teaching and sharing her knowledge with others lead her to open a YouTube channel which has been a success, having several videos go viral, with over 500,000 subscribers.

Enilsa continues to instruct in medical aesthetics, providing training to other Aestheticians to help not only improve customer service experience, communication, and how to increase profit within their scope of practice, but also to elevate the education experience standard.