$10 Shipping to Canada for a limited time

shipping to canada flat fee

Shipping across borders is not a cheap affair, with prices averaging $20 and up for small boxed packages. It has come to our attention that shipping fees can be prohibitive to making our skincare line available to residents from other countries. To make Enilsa’s skincare line more affordable to Canadians, we’ve decided to cut down international shipping fees significantly.

For a limited time, Canadian orders will only be charged $10 for shipping. We sincerely hope this will enable Canadians to enjoy Enilsa’s product line and reap the benefits from smoother, younger and acne-free skin.

Thank you so much for your support while we figure the ins and outs of product exports! Enilsa and her whole team is dedicated to make sure everyone has access to her products. Thank you for your patience!

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Published on: February 26, 2021

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