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This message appeared in our March 2023 newsletter.

Dear friends, family & fans,

We wanted to send you an update regarding your preorder of Enilsa Advanced Acne System. As many of you know, our anti-aging & acne clinic Enilsa Skin Essentials is located in Texas. However our skincare line is manufactured in California.

Due to severe weather conditions in California over the last few months, our shipments have not only delayed, but several of the ingredients needed to complete the orders could not be shipped to our lab. We have bottles ready, but we are lacking some ingredients to complete our 3 step system. We have been patiently waiting for shipments to arrive, as we are at the mercy of recent flooding, rains and storms. ⛈️

We are now looking at late April to receive a shipment of ready formula from our lab to our clinic.

To thank you for your patience, for all those of you willing to wait a little bit longer, we are going to give everyone who pre-ordered Enilsa Advanced Acne System between January and March a free Zits Be Gone Spot Treatment. We also want to extend the option for a full refund if you are not willing to wait. Simply email with your order number and we can process a refund for you.

Please note that due to a recent increase in the price of raw ingredients and the difficulty of acquiring some of them, we will have to raise the price of our 3-step acne system. If you preordered, you benefited from our lowest price. It is very unlikely prices will ever be this low again. 💸

We thank you for your understanding and patience. What we experience at our lab is unfortunately not unique to our industry – many small, medium and large businesses have been affected by the pandemic, inflation, as well as overwhelming weather events on the west coast. Yet in the face of challenges, we stand strong, we keep the faith, we pray, and hope you will stand with us. 🙏

Thank you for your loyalty!

Blessings & Hugs ❤️
Enilsa & Team

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in thee. In God, whose word I praise, in God I trust without a fear.”
PSALMS 56:3-4

Published on: March 25, 2023

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