Our Journey: Case Study about Enilsa Skin Essentials

Case Study Enilsa Skin Essentials

This article was originally published on vervex.ca on May 27, 2020.

It all started with a phone call.

“Tina, Imanuel, I’m about to be interviewed and they’re going to ask me about my website and my products when it’s over! I was wondering if you could help me launch my website soon?”

We had previously designed a logo and branding guidelines for Enilsa’s acne clinic, Enilsa Skin Essentials, and we had already submitted an early-stage website mockup for her to review. That was over 2 years ago.

Enilsa Branding & Logo Design

Enilsa Branding & Logo Design

“For sure! We’ve been waiting for you to finally get serious and develop a beautiful website for your clinic and products. When’s the interview?” I asked, excited and glancing at the calendar.

“Tomorrow morning…”

I blinked. It was Friday afternoon. Tomorrow morning was… 16 hours away. We usually take weeks to guide clients through each phase of a website design, development, revision, testing and launch phases.

“Do you also want to sell your products online?” I asked, now slightly anxious at the thought of having to build an ecommerce from scratch in less than a day.

“Well, it would be nice… What do you think?”

If anyone else would have asked for such a quick turnaround, I would have politely declined and quietly chuckled. Building an ecommerce requires time and extensive testing before it goes live. An error or unexpected bug can cost a business hundreds of orders, and potentially thousands of dollars in lost sales and customer frustration.

But for Enilsa, I was game. She had built a fanbase of over 500,000 YouTube fans in a few years all on her own and had tens of thousands of fans on Facebook and Instagram. She had too many clients at the clinic and too little staff to help her coordinate her numerous appointments. She had over 37 years of experience as a Skin Care Practitioner and a whole line of skincare product formulas that were begging to be manufactured and launched to the public. I had a feeling that she was sitting on a mountain of gold, but she had no one around her with the skills and experience necessary to tap into it.

I looked at my watch. 15 hours and 59 minutes left. I had made my decision and my partner Imanuel felt the same way.

“We’ll help you. But we’ll need your help too. You’ll need to provide us with content for all these pages, products and services. I’m going to send you a list…”

I paused.

“We’re also going to design your products. They’ll be much better than anything you’ve had before, we guarantee it.”

Enilsa Advanced Acne System Product Design

Enilsa Advanced Acne System Product Design

A countdown to success

That was the end of January. We launched a website and a fully operational ecommerce exactly 16 hours after Enilsa’s impromptu phone call. We didn’t sleep. The checkout had some quirks we would soon catch and fix, but it worked and orders for her revolutionary 90-Day Home Care Acne System started pouring in. We designed product mockups for her store and helped her find well rated and trustworthy American bottle suppliers and printers. It would take just over 2 months to reach 500 preorders, her product set to launch in early May. It was phenomenal.

Enilsa Advanced Acne System Step 1

Enilsa Advanced Acne System Step 1

As her needs evolved, we also helped Enilsa maximize her YouTube ad revenue (achieving a whooping 500% monthly increase) and unified her branding across all social media platforms. We helped her setup a newsletter (750 organic subscribers in less than two months), a virtual consultation service and we helped her expand her store to include EltaMD products as well.

When we set out to help Enilsa launch her online store, we had no clue the nation and the world would be hit so hard by COVID-19. The timing for her call could not have been better however. When local lockdowns began and Enilsa had to close her clinic (unfortunately clinical skincare is not considered an essential service), her improved YouTube revenue, online store sales and virtual consultations is what kept her business afloat and her employees paid, even as the government’s Paycheck Protection Program was failing her and millions of other American business owners.

Ecommerce website design & development

Ecommerce website design & development

This is the successful story of businesses coming together and growing in the face of unfathomable challenge. We could not be prouder to be the ones to help a savvy business owner and YouTube star like Enilsa reach her next milestone! And this partnership is just the beginning.

Published on: May 29, 2020


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